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We accompany you every step of the way, with detailed tutorials and comprehensive articles. So you can become an expert in LinkedIn prospecting.


Using scenarios, you can create sequences of profile visits, invitations and messages. Then watch it all happen automatically!


Don't risk your LinkedIn account anymore. Thanks to a perfect simulation of human behaviour, your LinkedIn account is perfectly protected.
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Select your prospecting sequence. Automate the contacting of your prospects on LinkedIn. Effectively manage your qualified leads.


Target your prospects by themes. Automatically export them into your CRM. Create a 100% automated sales machine.

Email Retrieval

Multiply channels by retrieving your prospects' emails and information from LinkedIn. You can then contact them again or add them to your CRM.

Connection requests

Extend your LinkedIn network to connect with the decision-makers in your industry. Highlight your profile and expertise in your invitation note.


Create accurate lists of over 700 million professionals. Target only the right people. In a customized way.

Sending customized messages

Optimize your conversion rates by customizing your strategy. Track your performance and get better results.

Demande d'invitations

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Messages personnalisés

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Export des emails

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Scénarios d'automatisation

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A LinkedIn extension to safely automate your business.

Prospecting on LinkedIn

has never been easier.

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks and build your own LinkedIn CRM. ProspectIn is safe, easy to use and gives you total control. Discover the scenario functionality, recommended by 98% of our users.

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Why use ProspectIn?

Multiply your conversion rates by 20
As email is a crowded channel, LinkedIn is currently THE most efficient channel for B2B prospecting. Get up to a 50% response rate. More than 20 times the average of cold emailing.
Divide your prospecting time by 10
Prospecting manually on LinkedIn takes an average of 6 to 7 hours per day.
ProspectIn does this automatically. All you have to do is manage the qualified prospects that drop into your LinkedIn inbox.
100% peace of mind
Thanks to the Scenarios feature, your actions are sequenced based on delays and the actions of your prospects. This way you only have to manage prospects who are interested. Nothing could be simpler.
Generate 4x more prospects
Thanks to the grouping of prospects into Campaigns, performance tracking and mass contacting of large volumes of prospects, you can manage and track hundreds of qualified prospects weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Will my LinkedIn account be at risk?
Unlike other tools, ProspectIn perfectly simulates human behaviour, so you increase your account's visibility, without the risk of being restricted by LinkedIn.
Do I need to enter my credit card details to start the free trial?
Absolutely not. You can start your free trial without entering your bank details.
Can I use ProspectIn with several accounts?
We are the only ones on the market that offers the Enterprise plan. A plan with a centralized management system and anti-duplication security in prospects that is suited to sales teams who need to prospect efficiently on LinkedIn.  Learn more.
I am not on LinkedIn Premium, can I still use ProspectIn?
Yes, ProspectIn works with any type of LinkedIn account (Standard, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recuiter Lite).
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