Meet Waapi, the team behind ProspectIn

ProspectIn is a brand of the Waapi company. Behind this name lies a strong culture based on efficiency and happiness at work.

Founded in

2018, so not long ago

Located in

Montpellier, French style Silicon Valley


People fulfilled with their work

Waapi is one of the startups we follow that impresses us the most. In barely one year, they have released three products to reach 2M€ of Annual Recurring Revenue, all without raising any funds.

Benoit Dubos, Co-founder of Scalezia.co

Our team

We believe that when a group of ambitious, hard-working people come together in a spirit of transparency and community, great things happen.

Our values

"Waapi" means "happy" in Inuit. The starting point of an adventure that has evolved but a word that remains at the heart of our values.

Make it work, then make it better

Successful entrepreneurs are those who are able to make decisions quickly. Not those who make the right decisions.

Pareto's Law

20% of the actions give 80% of result. By finding this 20% on the five main subjects that occupy each one, we can then obtain 400% of result.

Happiness at work

The world of work has changed. It can no longer be cold and sanitized. It is now a place of exchange, of joy, of fulfillment. Everything must be done to enable everyone to find happiness in their work.

Fun should be the thermometer for entrepreneurs. There are too many entrepreneurs who are suffering because they don't see that life is a celebration.

Oussama Ammar - The Family

Our team is growing

We are always looking for talent. We could tell 1,000 things about our culture and why you should come and work with us. Just like everyone else.
But we are not like others...

I want to see it for myself