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Multi-account, affiliation and Company


Do you offer a corporate or agency plan?
The Enterprise plan allows you to manage several accounts from a single interface, control duplicates between accounts, generate global performance reports and export prospects from one account to other member accounts of the company. For agencies, this plan allows total control and transparency for clients. Contact us by chat to learn more😊
What is the company duplicate control, and how does it work?
In order to avoid contacting the same prospects several times with your different accounts, we have therefore implemented a duplicate control in the enterprise system. Find out more
Can I manage multiple accounts with ProspectIn?
The business offer allows you to manage multiple accounts with one single subscription. To keep your LinkedIn account safe while using several accounts on the same computer, you will have to use separate chrome sessions for each account, and download the extension on each chrome session. Here is an article and a video to see how it works.


Do you have an affiliation program?
We have an affiliates program in which we share up to 50% of the revenue generated by your co-opts. For more information, contact us.
How can I become a ProspectIn Ambassador?
To be part of our Ambassador program, you will need to have a work registration number that allows you to establish invoices. Contact us via the chat to learn more. πŸ‘© πŸ’»
Does ProspectIn promote its Ambassadors?
ProspectIn works closely with its Ambassadors, especially when it comes to sharing content, which allows Ambassadors to gain visibility. If you want to become an Ambassador or if you're a marketing content creator, get in touch with us!

ProspectIn's Enterprise plan

Our Enterprise offer allows you to manage several ProspectIn accounts on the same interface. You can then navigate between the different CRMs of the members.
For example, you can perform actions for a member of your company, export prospects from a LinkedIn account to another member, and much more.

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