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How does it work?

Getting to know ProspectIn, how it works and specificities.


Please help! I don't understand how to use ProspectIn
Here is a link to our tutorial videos that will guide you step by step and a linl to our blog to give you a better understanding of how it works.
How can I get a demo of ProspectIn?
We chose to develop a very ergonomic and easy-to-use tool with affordable pricing. We don't have a dedicated demo sales team. We instead have an advanced onboarding system that will guide you through Prospectin step by step. Our customer support team is very responsive via our built-in online chat, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.🙃
Is it an extension or cloud software?
ProspectIn is a Google Chrome extension, which allows you to perform actions from your computer, thus avoiding suspicious behavior detected by LinkedIn. Lean more about security.
Do I need to keep a LinkedIn tab opened and my computer on for ProspectIn to work?
For your actions to be carried out, it will be necessary to keep your computer turned on with a LinkedIn tab open and the extension active. However, you can use your browser as you see fit and you don't need to have ProspectIn CRM open. 😄

Use of ProspectIn

Is there an export limit in the CRM?
You can export as many profiles as you want in the CRM. However, LinkedIn limits search results displays to 1,000. That being said, it unfortunately won't be possible to export more than 1,000 leads per search (up to 2,500 if you have Sales Navigator). If your search includes more than 1,000 results, try and split it into several smaller searches to export all the leads. Here is an article that explains how to export more than 1,000 prospects.
How many prospects can I contact via ProspectIn?
To protect your LinkedIn from spamming restrictions, we set maximum daily action quotas (between 80 and 100 for connection requests and follows, between 120 and 150 for messages and between 160 and 200 for profile visits). Once these quotas have been reached, no more actios will be sent, until your quotas reset the next day (quotas are updated at 2 AM UTC+1). If you want to learn more about daily quotas, check out our article here!
Is it possible to change the time and days ProspectIn operates?
You can personally configure the times and days that ProspectIn perform actions. To do this, go to the ‘settings’ tab in the left menu. Please note that in order for your actions to be performed, your computer must be turned on with a tab open to Linkedin.
Can I continue using LinkedIn even when ProspectIn is working?
You can continue to use LinkedIn when ProspectIn is enabled, but we do not recommend that you send too many invitations or messages outside of ProspectIn, since we will no longer be able to ensure that your account stays below the limits set by LinkedIn. You can however respond back to your prospects generated through ProspectIn without having to worry about exceeding your message quota.

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