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Can my account be banned using ProspectIn?
ProspectIn simulates natural human behaviour by setting up random delays between the execution of different actions. We also integrate daily quotas for each action so that your account never exceeds the thresholds set by LinkedIn. Thus you can prospect on LinkedIn via ProspectIn, without worrying about the security of your LinkedIn account. To learn more about how ProspectIn keeps your account safe, read our article.
Why is there the choice of an extension and not a "cloud" version?
We have chosen an extension because it allows us to perform actions in the background of your LinkedIn account. This allows us to perfectly simulate a "natural" behaviour, contrary to a "cloud". Cloud versions pass through a proxy, often abroad. This places you hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away from your actual location, which is extremely suspicious for LinkedIn.
Whilst once criticized, extensions are now coming back to the forefront for the simple reason that LinkedIn detects the use of robots on proxies. 😊
However, if you still wish to use our tool on a cloud, we recommend following this tutorial.
Why do I need to perform actions from the CRM?
Using the CRM allows your actions to be sent in a natural way that does not arouse LinkedIn's suspicions. It does this by ensuring that you do not exceed the quotas set by LinkedIn, and that certain time intervals are respected between actions
Do you have safeguards in place for if I send too many invitations or messages on LinkedIn?
ProspectIn has a built-in security system that automatically detects abnormal behaviours. When the system is triggered, your actions are temporarily suspended and we conduct our own investigation to determine the causes. This measure (amongst others we've put in place) has meant that since ProspectIn's launch in September 2019, none of our users have had their accounts banned. 😎
What makes ProspectIn safer than other similar tools on the market?
Tools such as Dux-Soup manipulate LinkedIn's source code so to insert elements. This method leaves easily detectable "traces", which has led to LinkedIn banning many of their user's accounts.
Can I send invitations or messages on LinkedIn once I've reached my actions quotas on ProspectIn?
We designed ProspectIn to stay within the limits imposed by LinkedIn. Doing so ensures that your account is not at risk. However, if you choose to send connection requests outside of ProspectIn, or use a similar automated tool, we cannot guarantee the safety of your LinkedIn account.

ProspectIn, the most secure tool on the market.

The best LinkedIn automation tool on the market, at an ultra-competitive price. But above all, the safest. Unlike Zopto, Dux Soup or , we have implemented a range of infallible security measures that ensures your account is never at risk.

- Daily quotas that ensure you don't exceed the limits set by LinkedIn
- The simulation of natural behaviors (random delays between actions)
- Actions from your IP address.
- In-built security system that automatically detects abnormal behaviors and temporarily suspends your actions and investigates the cause.

Simply put, our tool is undetectable by LinkedIn.

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