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User Experience

A simple tool, so you can get started right away. Tutorials and articles to accompany you, to help you reach your specific goal. An ultra-reactive and ultra-competent support team.

Time saving

You don't have the time to prospect on LinkedIn; we know that. With ProspectIn, you can launch campaigns for several months, in just a few minutes.


A highly efficient product at an excellent price. Pair this with unbeatable customer support and an easy-to-use interface, and you'll see why over 60k users love us.

Create automated scenarios for LinkedIn with ProspectIn

LinkedIn Scenario

Thanks our Scenarios feature, you only manage interested prospects. Set up automated sequences that lead to responses from your prospects. Choose your preferred sequence: profile visit, profile follow, invitation sending and a succession of customized messages.

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Triggers allow you to initiate an action on LinkedIn or ProspectIn, based on an event or a condition. Simple to set up, they allow you to create advanced and efficient automation. A new way to combine customization and automation.  

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use triggers with prospectIn in LinkedIn to initiate action

Import of profiles and extraction of LinkedIn emails.

Building your database, and enriching your CRM with verified information. This is the heart and soul of prospecting. ProspectIn allows you to import contacts from another source, or export your LinkedIn contacts, manually or automatically, part or all of your database. Done in CSV format or directly into your favorite tool, thanks to Zapier and Integromat integration.

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Being a small team, we made the decision to focus on the essential: building the best LinkedIn automation tool on the market, at an ultra-competitive price.

For this reason, we don't do demos or provide telephone support. But in no way is customer support compromised. Our support team responds via chat within seconds. Our online demo guides you step-by-step. Our comprehensive articles and videos will make you an expert in LinkedIn prospecting.