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Do you want to promote ProspectIn or manage multiple accounts? Here is the way to go!

Multiple-account management

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ProspectIn allows agencies to manage their clients' accounts from a centralized interface, offering total control and absolute transparency for clients.

We do. The enterprise plan allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single interface, to control duplicates between accounts, to generate global performance reports, and to export prospects from one member to another. Contact us for more information.

The business offer allows you to manage multiple accounts with a single subscription. If you use several accounts on the same computer, and to avoid a ban by LinkedIn, you will have to use unique chrome sessions for each account, and download the extension on each chrome session.
Here is an article and a vidéo to see how it works.


3 answers

We have an affiliate program in which we share 50% of the revenues generated by your affiliates. For more information, contact us.

To be part of our Ambassador program, you need to have a registration number that allows you to establis invoices. Contact us via the chat to know more.

ProspectIn works in close collaboration with its Ambassadors, in particular through the sharing of content, thus allowing its Ambassadors to gain visibility. If you want to become an Ambassador or if you're a marketing content creator, contact us!

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