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With ProspectIn, your LinkedIn account is safe with us.

ProspectIn simulates human behavior by setting up random timers between actions. We also incorporate daily quotas for each action so as not to exceed the limits set by LinkedIn. You can freely prospect on LinkedIn with ProspectIn without having to worry about your LinkedIn account's safety.
To learn more about security read our article

We favored an extension over a cloud-based application, because it allows us to perform the actions in the background of your LinkedIn account, and therefore perfectly simulates “natural” behavior. Unlike the use of a proxy that often locates you at hundreds or even thousands of miles from your current location, which is an extremely suspicious behavior for LinkedIn.
Lately criticized, extensions are coming back to the fore today for the simple reason that LinkedIn detects the use of robots on proxies.

The CRM allows you to send your different actions by simulating human behavior as much as possible. It ensures that you do not exceed the quotas set by LinkedIn and that certain time intervals are activated in between certain actions

ProspectIn can detect suspicious behaviour automatically. If that happens, your actions are suspended and we run an investigation to determine the root cause. Thankfully, since Prospectin commercial launch in September 2019, this have never happened.

We have built ProspectIn to stay within the limits set by LinkedIn. If you only send actions via ProspectIn, there is no risk for your LinkedIn account. However, if you manually send more actions than what your daily quotas allow you for or if you use another tool simultaneously, we will no longer be able to guarantee your account's security.

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