Triggers. Advanced automation for LinkedIn.

Populate your campaigns automatically. Create ultra-customized approaches. Automate advanced tasks, with ease.

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Advanced automation for LinkedIn with ProspectIn
Triggers with ProspectIn

An infinite number of possible automations.

Triggers work on a simple principle: an event initiates an action that will be executed under certain conditions.

This feature allows you, among other things, to automatically populate your campaigns with newly qualified profiles. Automatically update your LinkedIn prospects in your CRM, or even ultra-customize your approaches and sequences.

Synchronize your LinkedIn with more than 2,000 tools.

Thanks to a Zapier and Integromat integration, ProspectIn connects to more than 2,000 tools. Hubspot, PipeDrive, SalesForce, Google Sheet, Lemlist, etc. Integrate ProspectIn with your panel of marketing tools, and take LinkedIn automation to another level. In just a few clicks.