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ProspectIn, the best alternative to Dux Soup

for generating qualified leads

Manage the tool in a few seconds. No need to be a digital marketing expert anymore..


Simulation of human behaviour, daily quotas, detection of risky activities...


Tracking of conversions, A/B testing, automation Scenarios...


Ease of use, live assistance, tutorials...


Lowest price on the market, special rates for referrals...

Of all the prospecting tools that I have tested (Linked Helper or Dux-Soup for example), I can say without a doubt that ProspectIn is one of the most efficient and safest automation tools on the market.



You deserve better than Dux Soup for your LinkedIn automation.

Dux Soup had better watch out!


Send customized invitations

Sending customized messages

Campaigns from saved lead lists Sales Navigator

Recommendation of skills

Automated sales Scenarios

Program conditional sequences of actions. Learn more
Beta version

Campaign via comments on a LinkedIn Post

Advanced Automation

Customize your approach thanks to Triggers

Free support

Contact us for free by chat or email, 24-hours a day.


Monitor performance from a stats panel

Simplified A/B test

Proposal of optimized funnels for conversion

Choose from a range of Scenario models e.g. the model that offers the best conversion rate.

Prospect management by Campaign

Precise targeting of prospects thanks to a system of Campaigns and filters.

Management of multiple accounts

Anti-duplication system, multi-account management from one interface.


Optimal daily quotas and Bypass LinkedIn Limitation

Your action limits vary depending on your conversion rate, the plan you select, and how long you've had your account etc.

Delays between actions

Random delays between actions which perfectly simulates human behaviour.

Alert when your activity is at risk

If we detect any risky activity, we automatically suspend your actions to guarantee the safety of your LinkedIn account.

Security on extension detection by LinkedIn

Dux Soup does not block the LinkedIn extension detection script.
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Extensions like Dux Soup are outdated

Just like Linked Helper, Dux-Soup was one of the first players in the LinkedIn automation market, so they also benefited from the "frontrunner advantage". Today, Dux Soup is completely outdated. Whether we're talking about its features, ergonomics or safety features. Let's take a closer look.

Dux-Soup offers the bare minimum in features for LinkedIn, but nothing more.
No Scenario feature, let alone a Trigger feature.

Dux Soup can get the job done if all you want to do is expand your network. However, if your goal is to take your prospecting to the next level, it won't be of much use to you.

To optimize your prospecting strategy you need a tool that allows you to:
- Run prospecting Scenarios with conditional follow-ups
- Automatically accept invitation requests received, then automatically send a welcome message
- Automatically send a message to people who have commented on your post
- Automatically send a connection request with a note to everyone who visits your profile

None of this is possible with Dux Soup. Only ProspectIn offers you all of these automated actions, and more.

Tools like Dux Soup are risky

Regardless of your professional activity on LinkedIn, automation should be a vehicle for improving the reach of your account and not a risky spam tool.

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter, etc., ProspectIn allows you to generate new qualified leads and contacts, in complete security.

No multi-account management with Dux Soup

Dux-Soup does not offer a multi-account plan that is suitable for agencies, teams of sales representatives or/and business developers. Only ProspectIn allows you to manage all your accounts from a single interface, and has a security measure that prevents you from contacting the same prospect several times with your different accounts (the anti-duplication control).

The interface of Dux-Soup might wow you if you're still stuck in the early 2000's and are a fan of counter-intuitive systems.
But if you enjoy simple and attractive designs, ProspectIn is the way to go. ProspectIn has a dedicated interface from which you can manage all your Campaigns and prospects.

Chrome extension forbidden by LinkedIn

To perform your actions, everything is done from a pop-up that modifies the HTML code of LinkedIn. The consequence? The risk of having your account banned by LinkedIn.

The modification of LinkedIn's interface by third party applications is extremely easy to detect, which is what earned Linked Helper its final ban from the Chrome Store. It's safe to say that Dux Soup will be next on the banned list.

So if you care about your LinkedIn account, opt for a solution that prioritizes the safety of your account: ProspectIn.

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