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Automating your LinkedIn business is not an insignificant choice. Do it in an informed way!

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ProspectIn, the alternative to Meet Alfred

to automate LinkedIn on Chrome

We use the best digital marketing techniques to ensure that your campaigns generate new revenue for you.


Simulation of human behaviour, daily quotas, detection of risky behaviours...

Campaign Effectiveness

Tracking of conversions, A/B testing, automation scenarios...


Ease of use, live assistance, tutorials...


Lowest price on the market, sponsorship offers...

ProspectIn brings us incredible agility in our business development at Pontocom marketing and communication agency. I can reach hundreds of prospects in a customized way while maintaining an extreme level of organization.



You deserve better than Meet Alfred to automate your LinkedIn account.

Automation of the LinkedIn activity, Meet-Alfred had better watch out!


Customized connection request

Sending customized messages

Follow-up of prospects / Profile visits

Skills recommendations

Automated Sales Scenarios

Program conditional sequences of actions. Learn more.


Create advanced automation. Customize your approaches. Learn more.

Importing emails

Find LinkedIn contacts from an e-mail database.

Availability of the application

Accessible in 2 clicks from any computer.


Performance monitoring from a statistical panel

Simplified A/B test

Proposal of optimized funnels for conversion

Use scenario models based on best-in-class conversion performance.

Prospect management by campaign

Precise targeting of prospects thanks to a system of campaigns and filters.


Optimal daily quotas

Your action limits vary according to your conversion rate, the type and seniority of your account.

80-100 connections/day. 120-150 messages. Random.

25 connections/day. 50 messages. Fixed.

Delays between actions

Delays between actions modulo a random factor perfectly simulating human behaviour.

Alert when your activity is at risk

If we detect risky activity we automatically suspend your actions to ensure the security of your LinkedIn account.

Fixed IP

Maintaining a fixed IP to avoid behaviour considered abnormal and being blocked by "Captchas".


Monthly subscription

From 15 €/month

From 55 €/month

Annual subscription

From 10 €/month

From 33 €/month

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Tools like Meet Alfred are complicated to use

No matter what your LinkedIn business is, we believe that automation should be a vehicle for improving the reach of your account and not a risky spam tool.

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter, etc., ProspectIn allows you to generate new qualified contacts in complete security.

Extension Chrome VS Cloud

Unlike many competitors, Meet Alfred offers an interesting and relatively fluid user experience. Likewise, Meet Alfred has sought to limit the risk to your account by imposing quotas, which is a good thing. However, unlike ProspectIn, they do not offer automatic detection of suspicious activity, nor do they block the LinkedIn extension detection script.

Moreover, the proposed quotas are extremely low, since they allow you to send only 25 invitations per day (compared to 100 with ProspectIn) and 50 messages per day (compared to 150 with ProspectIn). Your prospecting will therefore be greatly slowed down.

They also use a cloud solution whose main advantage is that you can continue sending actions while you are not connected to LinkedIn and your computer is off, but the major disadvantage of this technology is that the IP address used is located in another country than yours, which LinkedIn detects as suspicious behavior. It would therefore be a lie to say that using Meet Alfred is 100% secure.

Features of Meet Alfred

As far as functionality is concerned, Meet Alfred offers all the basic features of LinkedIn, however, advanced prospecting features such as scenarios and triggers are missing, which will prevent you from creating more advanced automation. Finally, Meet Alfred does not offer an advanced prospect management system, and although they have a CRM interface, this one does not offer advanced filters or tagging system, so you will have to reprocess your data in third party applications to organize your campaigns.

No need for a Cloud version like Meet Alfred to securely automate.

ProspectIn allows you to manage your LinkedIn automations via a complete CRM, thanks to a system of advanced filters and tags; you can transfer your prospects from one campaign to another and you have a clear view of your performance by campaigns, messages and notes. In 2020, Meet Alfred is out of the game, it's time to move up a gear.

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