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Automating your LinkedIn business is not an insignificant choice. Do it in an informed way!

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ProspectIn, the alternative to Octopus CRM

to generate qualified leads

We use the best digital marketing techniques to ensure that your campaigns generate new revenue for you.


Simulation of human behaviour, daily quotas, detection of risky activities...


Tracking of conversions, A/B testing, automation Scenarios...


Ease of use, live assistance, tutorials...


Lowest price on the market, special rates for referrals

Of all the prospecting tools that I have tested (Linked Helper or Neodeal included), I can say without hesitation that ProspectIn is indeed one of the most efficient and secure on the market.



You deserve better than OctopusCRM for your LinkedIn automation.

OctopusCRM had better watch out!


Customized connection request

Sending of customized messages

Profile follow/Profile visits

Recommendation of skills

Automated sales Scenarios

Program conditional sequences of actions. Learn more.

Advanced Automation

Customize your approach thanks to Triggers.

Free support

Contact us for free by chat or email, 24 hours a day.

Importing emails

Find LinkedIn contacts from an email database.

Tags and prospect management

Ability to tag and manage one's prospects in large volumes.


Performance monitoring from a statistical panel

Simplified A/B test

Proposal of optimized funnels for conversion

Use Scenario models based on best conversion performance.

Multi-account management

Anti-duplication system, multi-account management from one interface.


Optimal daily quotas

Your action limits vary depending on your conversion rate, the plan you select, and how long you've had your account etc.

Random delays between actions

Random delays between actions which perfectly simulates human behaviour.

Working hours and days

Define when you want to send your actions to keep credible schedules with LinkedIn.

Safe from extension detection by LinkedIn

OctopusCRM does not block the LinkedIn extension detection script.


Monthly subscription

From €25/month; unlimited contacts

From €50 /month; limited to 1,000 contacts

Annual subscription

From €17 /month


5-star support

Responds in under 5 minutes

Responds in under one business day

Unlimited contacts

5,000 maximum (about 6 weeks of prospecting) for €150/month

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Tools like OctopusCRM are risky.

Regardless of your professional activity on LinkedIn, automation should be a vehicle for improving the reach of your account and not a risky spam tool.

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter, etc. ProspectIn allows you to generate new qualified leads and contacts, in complete security.

Outdated LinkedIn automation

Octopus is a relatively inexpensive tool and has all the basic features offered by LinkedIn, with the exception of the profile tracking function.

Their Scenario feature is not automated, and requires you to do the Campaign transfers yourself, which is less than ideal seeing as this is the foundation of any good automation tool.

They do not have the Triggers feature, so you will be heavily limited if you want to perform more advanced automation tasks. They are also not adapted to multi-account use or/and agencies, as they do not have a Enterprise plan and do not protect you from duplicated leads. The anti-duplicate security protection in ProspectIn's Enterprise plan ensures that you never contact the same prospect several times with different members of the company.

OctopusCRM but not really CRM

Their name "Octopus CRM" is a bit ironic, seeing as they do not offer an advanced filtering system, nor a tagging system to classify prospects, nor a prospect's page from which you can view all your prospects. These are all things a half-decent CRM should be able to do.
At ProspectIn, all these features are available as standard, even in our free plan.

Chrome extension forbidden on LinkedIn

Last but not least, like all competing tools, Octopus CRM does not protect your account sufficiently and you risk a lot by using it.
They do not integrate the concept of quota. Instead, they allow you to send several hundred connection requests per day. This might sound great at first glance, but rest assured, it's a sure fire way to get banned by LinkedIn.
Octopus CRM does integrate delays between actions, but these are not random, not to mention, they are too short.

At ProspectIn, the security of your account is our top priority. That's why we have integrated random delays between actions, daily action quotas and automatic detection of risky behaviours.

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