ProspectIn - Best alternative to Dux-Soup

The best alternative to Dux-Soup

LinkedIn automation is a big deal. Choose your tool wisely.

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Our values

Extensions like Dux-Soup
are outdated.

No matter how you use LinkedIn, we believe in safe automation.


ProspectIn, the alternative to Dux-Soup
to generate Warm-Leads via LinkedIn.

We use proven digital marketing techniques, to increase revenue generated by your campaign.


Human behaviour simulation. Daily quotas. Risky behaviour detection.

Campaign efficiency

Conversion rate follow-up. A/B testing. Automated marketing scenario


User-friendly. 24/7 customer support. Tutorials. Onboarding system.


Lowest price on the market. Referral system. Affiliate program.

ProspectIn VS Dux-Soup

You deserve a better tool than Dux-Soup to automate your LinkedIn activity.

Smarter LinkedIn automation

Dux-Soup had better watch out!


Improved conversion rates

Improve your conversion rate and track your performance.


Safety and reputation of your LinkedIn account

Enhance your social selling index and your account reputation. Without taking any risk.

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Remember: tools like Dux-Soup are unsafe for LinkedIn automation

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter... ProspectIn allows you to generate quality leads, automatically, in complete safety.


ProspectIn is one of those tools that you can't live without after you've tried it. Among all the other automation tools that I have used (Linked Helper or Dux-Soup), I can assure you that it’s the safest and most efficient one on the market.

An old-fashioned automation tool for LinkedIn

Like Linked Helper, Dux-Soup was one of the first players to join the LinkedIn automation market, so they benefited from the "first mover advantage". Today, Dux Soup is totally outdated, whether in terms of features, user experience, or safety. Let's shed some light.

Dux-Soup offers basic LinkedIn features, but nothing more.”

They have neither a scenario nor a triggers feature. This tool could be useful if you just want to expand your network, but if you want to take your prospecting to the next level, it won't be of much use to you. Performing prospecting scenarios with if/else follow-ups, automatically accept invitation requests received by sending a welcome message, sending a message to people who commented on your post automatically, or automatically send a connection request accompanied by a note to anyone who visits your profile ... You won't find any of these features with Dux-Soup. You will need to switch to ProspectIn for that.

Manage multiple accounts with Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup also does not offer a suitable business offer for agencies, salespeople, or business developer teams. Once again you will have to go through ProspectIn to be able to manage all your accounts from a single interface, and avoid contacting the same prospect several times from your different accounts, thanks to the anti-duplicate control. Dux-Soup's interface is worthy of a website from the early 2000s and its navigation is completely counter intuitive. Unlike Prospectin, you won't have a dedicated interface from which you can manage all of your campaigns and prospects.

Banned Chrome Extension

To perform these actions, everything happens from a pop-up which modifies LinkedIn's HTML code. The consequences you might ask? The risk of having your account banned by LinkedIn. Modifications made to LinkedIn's interface by third-party applications is extremely simple to detect, and this is what has earned Linked Helper its final ban from the Chrome Store, and there is a good bet that Dux Soup is next on the list. So if you value your LinkedIn account, opt for the solution that will put your accoun't's safety first: ProspectIn