ProspectIn - Best alternative to Linked Helper

The best alternative to Linked Helper

LinkedIn automation is a big deal. Choose your tool wisely.

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Our values

Tools such as Linked Helper
are not safe.

No matter your activity on LinkedIn, we believe in safe automation.


The alternative to Linked Helper
to generate Warm-Leads via LinkedIn.

We use proven digital marketing techniques, to improve revenues generated through your campaign.


Human behaviour simulation. Daily quotas. Risky behaviour detection.

Campaign efficiency

Conversion rate following. A/B testing. Automated marketing scenario


User-friendly. 24/7 customer support. Tutorials. Onboarding system.


Lowest price on the market. Referral system. Affiliate program.

ProspectIn VS Linked Helper

You deserve a better tool than Linked Helper to automate your LinkedIn activity.

Smarter LinkedIn automation

Linked Helper had better watch out!


Improved conversion rates

Improve your conversion rate and analyse your performance.


Safety and reputation of your LinkedIn account

Enhance your social selling index and your account reputation. All without taking any risk.

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Remember: tools such as Linked Helper are not safe for LinkedIn automation

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter... ProspectIn allows you to generate quality leads, automatically, with complete safety.


The tool is great. Simple and efficient. You can send bulk actions in a few seconds. That’s awesome.

An old fashion automation tool for LinkedIn

Linked Helper is the first LinkedIn automation tool to be launched. They were thus able to acquire a solid user base quickly, and without competition to challenge them, they were not encouraged to improve their tool. Whether in terms of navigation, functionality or security, Linked Helper is today totally outdated.

“We would like to be able to tell you that Linked Helper is suitable for people who simply want to develop their network, but this is not the case, as the use of this tool is dangerous for the security of your account.

At ProspectIn, ensuring the integrity of your LinkedIn account is our number one priority. We have integrated a daily quota system, random delays between actions, a system for detecting risky activities, and we block the script that detects LinkedIn extensions. It is completely impossible for LinkedIn to detect the use of ProspectIn.
At Linked Helper, none of these precautions are applied. They even modify the interface of LinkedIn directly, which makes their detection even easier for LinkedIn. If you value your LinkedIn account, we strongly recommend that you do not use Linked Helper.

Linked Helper features

In terms of functionality, they have not innovated in years, and have not been able to keep up with recent innovations in automation. Automated marketing scenarios are not part of their offer. Integrations with different CRMs and third-party applications are also not available. At ProspectIn, via the trigger function, you can synchronize with all CRMs and create incredibly advanced automations.

Finally, there is no campaign management system at Linked Helper, you have no way of managing your prospecting since no performance statistics are available; and you also don’t have the ability to view and rank your different prospects.

ProspectIn allows you to manage your LinkedIn automations via a complete CRM, thanks to an advanced filter and tag system; you can transfer your prospects from one campaign to another and you have a clear vision of your performance by campaigns, messages and notes. In 2020, Linked Helper is no longer involved, it's time to move to the next level.