ProspectIn - Best alternative to Meet-Alfred

The best alternative to Meet Alfred

LinkedIn automation is a big deal. Choose your tool wisely.

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Our values

Tools such as Meet Alfred
are hard to use.

Whatever your activity is on LinkedIn, we believe in safe automation.


ProspectIn, the alternative to Meet-Alfred
to automate LinkedIn with Chrome.

We use proven digital marketing techniques, to improve revenues generated by your campaign.


Human behaviour simulation. Daily quotas. Risky behaviour detection.

Campaign efficiency

Conversion rate following. A/B testing. Automated marketing scenario


User-friendly. 24/7 customer support. Tutorials. Onboarding system.


Lowest price on the market. Referral system. Affiliate program.

ProspectIn VS Meet-Alfred

You deserve a better tool than Meet-Alfred to automate your LinkedIn activity.

Smarter LinkedIn automation

Meet-Alfred had better watch out!


Improved conversion rates

Improve your conversion rate and track your performance.


Safety and reputation of your LinkedIn account

Enhance your social selling index and your account reputation. Without taking any risk.

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No need to have a cloud-based software like Meet-Alfred to perform automation in a secure way.

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter... ProspectIn allows you to generate quality leads, automatically, with complete safety.


ProspectIn brought tremendous agility to my business development work for the Pontocom marketing and advertising agency here in Brazil.
I can connect to hundreds of prospects in a personalised and efficient manner while maintaining a busy organisation.