ProspectIn - Best alternative to OctopusCRM

The best alternative to OctopusCRM

LinkedIn automation is a big deal. Choose your tool wisely.

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Our values

Extension like OctopusCRM
are outdated.

No matter your use of LinkedIn, we believe in safe automation.


ProspectIn, the alternative to OctopusCRM
to generate Warm-Leads via LinkedIn.

We use proven digital marketing techniques, to improve revenues generated by your campaign.


Human behaviour simulation. Daily quotas. Risky behaviour detection.

Campaign efficiency

Conversion rate following. A/B testing. Automated marketing scenario


User-friendly. 24/7 customer support. Tutorials. Onboarding system.


Lowest price on the market. Referral system. Affiliate program.

ProspectIn VS OctopusCRM

You deserve a better tool than OctopusCRM to automate your LinkedIn activity.

Smarter LinkedIn automation

OctopusCRM had better watch out!


Improved conversion rates

Improve your conversion rate and track your performance.


Safety and reputation of your LinkedIn account

Enhance your social selling index and your account reputation. Without taking any risk.

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Remember: tools such as OctopusCRM are not safe for LinkedIn automation

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter... ProspectIn allows you to generate quality leads, automatically, with complete safety.


ProspectIn is one of those tools that become essential after the first use. Among all the automation tools that I have used (Linked Helper or OctopusCRM), I can assure you that it’s the safest and most efficient on the market.

A great LinkedIn Automation Software

Octopus is a relatively inexpensive tool and has all of the basic features that LinkedIn offers, with the exception of the profile tracking feature.

“However, their scenario functionality is not automated, and requires you to do the campaign transfers yourself, a shame for an automation tool.”

They do not have the triggers function, so you will be limited if you want to carry out more advanced automations. They are also not suitable for multi-account and agencies, since they do not have a business offer and do not protect you from duplicate leads. With ProspectIn's Enterprise offer, the anti-duplicate protection ensures that you never contact the same prospect several times with different members of the company.

OctopusCRM but not really a CRM

Their name “Octopus CRM” is poorly chosen, because as a CRM they do not offer an advanced filter system or a tag system for ranking prospects and also no prospect page from which to view all of your prospects. At ProspectIn, all these functionalities are basic functionalities, present from the free offer.

Prohibiden Chrome extension from LinkedIn

Last but not least, like all competing tools, Octopus CRM does not protect your account enough and you risk big by using it. Although they include delays between actions, these are not random and are too short, finally they do not integrate the notion of quota, allowing you to send several hundred connection requests per day (ban LinkedIn ensured...). Once again, at ProspectIn, the security of your account is our top priority, which is why we have integrated random delays between actions, daily action quotas and automatic detection of risky behavior.