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Easy to use

ProspectIn is built to make your life easier. Auto Visit, Bulk Connect, Bulk Message. All from the same interface.


Automate your Linkedin prospecting process and get hundreds of Warm Leads with just 15 min a day.

Highly Reliable

We simulate human behaviour and set daily maximum usage so that your account stays within limits set by Linkedin.

The most useful resource
ever created for

Use Prospectin to expand your network, drive sales, and share content. Reduce the amount of time spent on Linkedin while extending your reach. Every action is performed from your own CRM. We make exporting prospects from a Linkedin search request into our Prospectin pop-up app a breeze.

Bulk Connect

Auto Visit

Personalized Bulk Messages

Auto Follow


Prospectin, the ultimate Linkedin prospecting add-on
so that you can focus on business.

Adapts to any Business or Organization

Better targeting

Use different campaigns depending on your list of prospects. Start targeting the right people with the right message. Increase your Lead Generation on Linkedin.

A comprehensive Dashboard

See your daily activity. Track statistics from unlimited campaigns. See what messaging works best.


Our clients are our best ambassadors

We could tell you about features and advantages ourselves. But our own customers are much more convincing.


Prospectin helps automate the daily routine work on Linkedin, which makes me come accross as a real human, rather than a spammer robot. I was able to add 500 professionals from my industry in 2 weeks
Many of them immediately engaged and started to establish a form of personal and business-related contact.


ProspectIn is one of those tools that you just can't live without. Among all the automation tools that I have used (Linked Helper or Dux-Soup), I can assure you that it’s the safest and most efficient one on the market.


I like that I can schedule my time to use ProspectIn to create a variety of campaigns and build up a queue of activities that run on their own when I'm not at my desk. Actions are performed on their own to stay in line with LinkedIn's daily limitations.


Let us handle your LinkedIn prospecting.
Stay focused on your business.

Stop spending time doing repetitive tasks that can be automated. Let us do that for you.


Leads Generated




Time saved

Fair and simple.

Want to bring your LinkedIn prospecting to another level? Choose a plan that fits your needs.

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Auto-visit and follow profiles

Personalized bulk messages

Auto-invites for prospects

10 to 15 actions per day

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9.99 /month

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Auto-visit and follow profiles

Emails export to csv

Personalized bulk messages

Auto-invites prospects

Full daily quotas

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19.99 /month

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Auto-visit and follow profiles

Emails export to csv

Personalized bulk messages

Auto-invites prospects

Full daily quotas

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99.99 /month

from 3 users

ADVANCED Plan Features

Multi-Account management

No duplicate security

Centralized dashboard

Inactivity warning and activity report

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Are there any risks for my account?

Compared to other tools, ProspectIn perfectly simulates human behaviour. It strengthens your profile's reputation, without being restricted by LinkedIn.


Do I need a credit card to try the free beta?

Nope. No credit card needed. It really is free.


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update our extension constantly and at no charge for our valued customers.


I don't have Linkedin Premium, can I use ProspectIn?

Absolutely. ProspectIn works with every type of LinkedIn account.

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Send messages automatically on LinkedIn.

Stop wasting time doing repetitive tasks and build your own LinkedIn CRM. ProspectIn is secure, easy to use, and you're the one in control.

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