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The free plan gives you access to all features except for the scenario feature. You are limited to 15 actions per day per type of action (profile visit, profile follow, connection request and message).

The trial period lasts 7 days and gives you access to all of the features of our Advanced plan. When it ends, you keep all your data, but you lose access to the scenarios and you are limited to 15 actions per type of action (profile visit, profile follow, connection request, message) per day

For your actions to be executed, it is necessary to keep your computer turned on with a LinkedIn tab open and the extension active. However, you can use your browser as you see fit and you don't need to have ProspectIn CRM open.

ProspectIn simulates human behavior by setting up random timers between actions. We also incorporate daily quotas for each action so as not to exceed the thresholds set by LinkedIn. You can then prospect on LinkedIn via ProspectIn without worrying about the safety of your LinkedIn account.

When you connect with someone on ProspectIn, their email is automatically retrieved. To get it, download your data in CSV format via the campaign tab.

To protect your LinkedIn from restriction for spam, we set maximum daily action quotas (between 80 and 100 for connection requests and follows, between 120 and 150 for messages and between 160 and 200 for profile visits). Once these quotas are reached, your actions are no longer sent, until your quotas reset the next day (quotas are updated at 2 AM UTC+1).

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