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Actions and campaigns configuration

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First check that your daily quotas are not at 0 and that your extension is active with an open LinkedIn tab, otherwise actions cannot be sent. If the problem persists, contact us via the chat from your ProspectIn CRM. As a reminder, your extension must be active with a LinkedIn tab open for your actions to be performed.

Check that you are not trying to send a message to prospects with whom you are not connected (i.e. who are not already in your network). If this is the case you must choose the "Connection" tab and not the "Message" tab because LinkedIn does not allow sending messages to people with whom you are not connected.

If a pink screen loads indefinitely telling you to open a LinkedIn tab while it is actually open, try disconnecting and reconnecting from LinkedIn. If the problem persists, contact us.

Scenario delays work as follow: When you perform a standard "visit / connect / message" scenario with a delay of 1 day between actions, a script that runs 2x a day (1pm and 1am) analyzes when the last action was executed, to determine whether the prospect needs to go to the next step or not. If, at the time of the script, the last action was performed less than 24 hours ago, then the prospect does not proceed to the next step. So, if it's been 23 hours that the action was executed at the time of the script, the prospect will not go to the next step 1h after the script was run, but 13h after, during the passage of the second script of the day. This may explains why the delays are sometimes higher than 1 day.

Export and extension

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You can export as many profiles as you want in the CRM. However, LinkedIn limits the display of search results to 1000. It is therefore not possible to export more than 1000 leads per search (up to 2500 if you have Sales Navigator). If your search includes more than 1000 results, try to split it into several smaller searches to export all leads.

This problem can arise when you're using 2 screens or more. You just have to switch the tab/window on your main screen to solve this problem.

When you perform a search via LinkedIn and export prospects from this search, our tool will "scan" the different profiles in order to retrieve their information. When the export is finished, our tool automatically saves where it stopped in its "scan", in order to pick up where it left off last time so as not to create duplicates in exports. When you try to export profiles from a search that you have already carried out, if you have already reached the end of the search for the first time, the tool will have no profiles to scan.

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