ProspectIn - Best alternative to Phantom Buster

The best alternative to Phantom Buster

LinkedIn automation is a big deal. Choose your tool wisely.

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Our values

Tools like Phantom Buster
are unsafe.

Whatever your activity might be on LinkedIn, we believe in safe automation.


The alternative to Phantom Buster
to generate Warm-Leads via LinkedIn.

We use proven digital marketing techniques, to increase revenue generated through your campaigns.


Human behaviour simulation. Daily quotas. Risky behaviour detection.

Campaign efficiency

Conversion rate following. A/B testing. Automated marketing scenario


User-friendly. 24/7 customer support. Tutorials. Onboarding system.


Lowest price on the market. Referral system. Affiliate program.

ProspectIn VS Phantom Buster

You deserve a better tool than Phantom Buster to automate your LinkedIn activity.

Smarter LinkedIn automation

Phantom Buster had better watch out!


Improved conversion rates

Improve your conversion rate and analyze your performance.


Your LinkedIn account's safety and reputation

Enhance your social selling index and your account reputation. Without taking any risks.

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Remember: tools like Phantom Buster are unsafe for LinkedIn automation

Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, salesperson, freelancer, recruiter... ProspectIn allows you to generate quality leads, automatically, in complete safety.


The tool is great. Simple and efficient. You can send bulk actions in just a few seconds. That’s awesome.

A growth hacking tool, for growth hackers

Phantom Buster is an incredible tool for automating a large number of processes. However, it is not suitable for LinkedIn automation.

Phantom Buster is a tool designed for Growth Hackers, profiles who are very comfortable with all forms of automation and who know how to bypass the security measures put in place by different platforms. ”

However, if you have no particular knowledge in bypassing security, it is very likely that your LinkedIn account will be restricted in a few days, since there is no security on their end. For example, in order to use Phantom Buster you will need to set up a proxy on your computer to guarantee your account's security, which can sometimes be a very complex task.

PhantomBuster doesn't match with LinkedIn automation

ProspectIn, on the contrary, places your LinkedIn account's security at the very top of its list of priorities, which differenciates us from other competitors. We regulate the measures so that you don't have to calculate the number of actions to send per day, nor configure your computer to browse anonymously on the web.
Thanks to the queue and quota system, you just have to launch your actions and our tool handles the rest, replicating human behavior.
In addition, Phantom Buster is lacking a "clean" interface allowing you to manage all of your actions, campaigns and prospects. They also don't provide a comprehensive dashboard. All that Phantom Buster allows is to perform a series of "Phantom" without any link between them and without any means of building and carrying out a clear prospecting strategy.

Phantom Buster can be very useful for automating certain types of media, granted you have a minimum of knowledge, the tool is simply unsuitable for LinkedIn automation.